Best Beauty Products for a Weekend Getaway

by Kelly Mazur July 24, 2015

No need to pack your entire bathroom vanity with these convenient travel-sized beauty products! At TwelveWays we love to travel light, and our makeup bags are no exception. If you're packing a TwelveWays dress you've already managed to cut down on the amount of clothing you're bringing, now pack these six items to minimize your makeup bag too!

Cosmetic Counter Samples

If you've got cosmetic and skincare samples collecting dust in your bathroom this is the perfect time to use them. The trial-sized products that come in holiday packs and Gift-With-Purchases are the perfect size for travel. Sample a new foundation type, or try out a new lipstick colour for the weekend! Travel is the perfect time to try something new.

One-Time Use Face Masks

Give yourself a mini-facial in your hotel room before a big night out with a single use face mask. They're easy to pack and give you a touch of luxury during your vacation. Drugstores and mega cosmetic stores carry various brands, all of which have a variety of masks for different skin types. You're on vacation - treat yourself!

Bonus Tip: Some brands even make one-time use foot scrubs, hair masks and body scrubs. Go for a full-on spa session for an extra special weekend - perfect for a girls getaway or a bachelorette trip!

Rollerball Fragrances

Leave the 100ml glass bottle at home and pack a rollerball instead! They now make 0.25oz rollerballs for almost every perfume, and the pen-sized packaging makes them tiny enough to toss into your makeup ball or purse. The shape is also ideal for travel because they're less fragile! You'll love the convenience so much we're willing to bet you'll also be using rollerballs at the office for mid-day perfume touchups and nights out with your friends.

Face Cleansing Wipes

Swap out your tube of face cleanser for a package of cleansing wipes. They're mess-free and easy to use making them ideal for on-the-go. Best of all, you don't need a sink to wash your face so you can use a cleansing wipe to wash your face anywhere - great for flights, camping or long days at the beach. Moms will love them too - great for cleaning sticky hands in a pinch!

Bold Lipstick

One swipe of a hot pink or bright red lipstick and you instantly look put together. Use this trick to pack (and wear) less makeup while travelling. Forget contouring, smoky eyes and carrying around a dozen products - all you need is a stand-out lip colour. We also love this trick for beach days, when a full face of makeup isn't practical.

Multi-Use Products

Another makeup option is to pack a multi-use product that can be used on eyes, lips and cheeks. Multi-use highlighters that come in a stick are better than creams that come in a tube because they're less messy and last much longer. Peach is a colour that looks good on almost any skin tone, compliments a tan and works well on your eyes, lips and cheeks. 

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Kelly Mazur
Kelly Mazur


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