4 Vacation Hot Spots for Spring '16

by Kelly Mazur February 05, 2016

With spring just around the corner it’s time to start planning your next getaway! Dust off you passport and pack your bags - cause we're heading to the airport!

10 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Gut While Traveling

by Adriana Berusch Gerardino October 07, 2015

There's nothing worse than traveling with an upset stomach. Not to mention that eating healthy on the road can be hard, especially when it comes to ones gut health. 

Breaking out of our normal day-to-day routines disrupts how we eat, where we eat, and most of all what we eat. However it's very important to maintain a healthy gut while traveling because a healthy gut will maximize energy levels, memory, immune health, and mood. If your gut stays healthy, you will feel your best and can make the most of your trip.

Economical Extended Travel: Cabarete, Dominican Republic

by Adriana Berusch Gerardino September 30, 2015

Cabarete is a famous wind- and kite-surfing destination on the North Coast of Dominican Republic. After a 3+ month stay, here are some of my tips to ensure your extended Caribbean trip doesn't break the bank.

Saturday Market Quick Fix

by Adriana Berusch Gerardino September 23, 2015

Saturday morning markets are probably one of the best things on Earth. The produce is fresh, local, and delicious – there are lots of lovely people walking around and I can eat some good food and listen to music, all while soaking in the sun. 

3 New Ways to Wear Your TwelveWays Dress

by Kelly Mazur July 29, 2015

You're already wearing your TwelveWays dress as a skirt, top and a dress and now we've got three new ways to wear your favourite pieces of travel clothing!

Best Beauty Products for a Weekend Getaway

by Kelly Mazur July 24, 2015

No need to pack your entire bathroom vanity with these convenient travel-sized beauty products! At TwelveWays we love to travel light, and our makeup bags are no exception. If you're packing a TwelveWays dress you've already managed to cut down on the amount of clothing you're bringing, now pack these six items to minimize your makeup bag too!

5 Fashion Must-Haves for Summer

by Kelly Mazur July 13, 2015

Summer is in full swing and that means it's time to update your wardrobe! Get the hottest looks for summer parties, BBQ's and weekend getaways by adding these 5 "must-haves" for the season!

6 Tips for Packing Light

by Kelly Mazur June 29, 2015

How's a fashionable woman suppose to fit all of her clothing into one small suitcase? By packing smart with these six easy tips!

CBS46 Better Mornings Atlanta!

by Ana Gerardino September 06, 2014

As seen on CBS46 Better Mornings Atlanta!

Road Trip from Savvy Travelers from The Sacramento Bee

by Ana Gerardino May 19, 2014

Kym Douglas featuring Travel made Easy with Twelveways!

by development shop February 10, 2014

Kym Douglas is relieving some of the stresses associated with traveling.

Twelveways at the Master Surf 5 Cabarete Beach DR

by Ana Gerardino May 20, 2013

Having fun under the sun wearing Twelveways in beautiful Encuentro Surf Beach. Cabarete, D.R. At the Masters Surf reunion 5.